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Dentistry for Children – Cumming, GA

Ensuring Healthy Smiles as They Grow

At Village Pediatric Dentistry, our board-certified pediatric dentist and orthodontist and highly-qualified team are here to take care of your child’s teeth and gums throughout these developing school-aged years. From ensuring good oral habits to monitoring any changes with their bite alignment that might signal orthodontic treatment, you can trust our team to not only provide exceptional dental care but foster a lasting relationship as they prepare to transition to adolescence. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.

Why Choose Village Pediatric Dentistry for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

A little boy having his teeth checked and cleaned during a regular visit

Every six months, we will need to see your child for a regular dental checkup and cleaning. These visits allow us to check for abnormalities or serious problems and implement a treatment plan early on, if necessary. We’ll also thoroughly clean their teeth to remove hardened plaque and tartar that can lead to cavities or gum disease. Because they are away from home most of the day and possibly swapping their nutritious apple for a sugary snack, it’s imperative we monitor their tooth development and watch for any signs of decay, disease, or bad breath. Not to mention, their facial shape and structure are growing, so making sure their bite remains in proper alignment is key.

Oral Cancer Screening

A dentist uses dental instruments to perform an oral cancer screening on a little girl

Oral cancer is not a normal occurrence among children; however, it’s not impossible, which is why we will check for any signs that might point to oral cancer during their regular checkup and cleaning visit. It is during these appointments we will look for any oral sores or abnormal growths. By detecting deformities and signs early on, we can refer you and your child to a specialist who can provide a formal diagnosis and begin treatment right away.

Dental Sealants

An up-close look at a child’s upper teeth and a dental mirror holding the lip and cheek for adequate exposure

A child’s back teeth are some of the hardest to reach. Because their brushing and flossing techniques are still quite new, they may not be cleaning these parts of the mouth as well as they should. Fortunately, dental sealants are a great way to cover these back chewing teeth and prevent food particles and bacteria from reaching the tooth enamel and causing decay to develop. During a regular visit, we can apply a thin, protective layer over your child’s premolars and molars, effectively sealing the tooth and safeguarding against plaque that can damage their teeth

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Treatments

A young girl wearing a white dress smiles wide after receiving silver diamine fluoride treatment

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a unique treatment that stops decay in its tracks. If your little one is already suffering from a minor cavity, we can apply the substance directly onto the tooth. Because it hardens quickly, it will begin to eliminate any bacteria. SDF is also great for strengthening tooth enamel while stopping harmful plaque and tartar from damaging additional layers of the tooth. By using this type of treatment, we can protect your child’s smile until it’s time to place a more permanent restoration.


A young girl wearing a white robe, red belt, and red boxing gloves while protecting her mouth with a sportsguard

Whether your child enjoys playing sports or is prone to bruxism (teeth grinding), a nightguard or sportsguard can be an effective way to safeguard their teeth and gums from injury. These custom-made oral appliances are crafted to fit your child’s smile comfortably and provide maximum support should they experience a hard hit on the field or attempted wear and tear throughout the night. Not only can these devices prevent a sudden trip to see the emergency dentist, but they also keep their smiles looking their best year-round.

Space Maintainers

A little girl wearing a plaid jumper and white shirt smiles while a dentist and their assist prepare to check her smile

Has one of your child’s baby teeth fallen out a bit too early? Our team can quickly insert a space maintainer to prevent nearby healthy teeth from shifting out of alignment and attempting to cover the gap. These unique devices also ensure their permanent teeth will erupt correctly because of the available room created by the space maintainer. The only way to know if a baby tooth is lost too early is to continue bringing your child in for their six-month appointments, as we will be able to monitor the loss of baby teeth and eruption of healthy, adult teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A dental hygienist uses a special light while applying a tooth-colored filling to a little girl’s smile

Even if you’re doing everything possible to keep your child’s teeth healthy and free of decay, there are instances where cavities can develop. As a result, the team at Village Pediatric Dentistry can apply a tooth-colored filling that creates a tight seal to prevent reinfection and blends in seamlessly with the rest of their smile. Instead of traditional amalgam, the composite resin is color-matched to ensure their peers are unable to see the restorative work. These resin fillings are also non-toxic, making them a healthier and more environmentally friendly option for dental care.

Tooth Extractions

A little girl holds a tooth that has been extracted from her mouth

Helping your child keep their natural teeth is our number one goal, but when certain situations arise, a tooth extraction might be the only way to ensure the health and longevity of their smile. Whether it is a severely decayed or damaged tooth that cannot be treated with pulp therapy, a baby tooth will not fall out, or your little one needs orthodontic treatment but cannot have success without removing one or more teeth, our team will ensure your child is comfortable and at ease throughout the entire procedure.

Pulp Therapy

A young girl smiles in preparation for his pulp therapy treatment

At the center of each tooth is a nerve known as the pulp. When serious decay or damage penetrates this layer of a particular tooth, your child can experience immense pain that can only be remedied with the help of pulp therapy. Similar to a root canal for adults, our team can keep harmful bacteria from spreading further, resulting in the potential for a tooth extraction. Should this type of procedure be necessary for your little one, our team will administer anesthesia to keep them comfortable before removing the infected pulp. Any healthy areas will remain firmly in place, allowing the tooth to strengthen over time and provide optimal functionality.

Non-Nutritive Habits

A little boy wearing a white and blue striped shirt sucks his thumb

While it is not uncommon for infants to rely on a pacifier or their thumb for comfort, these non-nutritive habits can cause serious problems if allowed to continue into childhood. From the potential for jaw surgery to orthodontic treatment to fix an overbite, our team can provide effective tips and techniques that will help you and your child overcome these habits and prevent costly and timely dental procedures in the future. It might not be easy at first, but if you work closely with our team of experts, we will have your child adopting healthier habits as they grow and develop.

Metal-Free Dental Crowns

A young girl wearing a denim jumper and striped shirt smiles wide after receiving a metal-free crown

When a tooth appears severely damaged, it is necessary to protect it from future infection or harm. This is why we are pleased to offer metal-free dental crowns. Not only are they durable and strong, allowing your child to regain full functionality of their teeth, but these restorations look and feel just like a regular tooth. Instead of equipping your child with a traditional silver or gold crown, these metal-free solutions will blend into the rest of their smile with ease.


A young girl holds a mouth mold with braces in front of her actual mouth

By the time your child reaches the age of 7, they should have their first orthodontic screening. It is during these early visits that Dr. Podray-Donovan can determine if your little one’s smile needs Phase 1 Orthodontics, which is designed to fix alignment problems before braces are necessary. While it’s not always necessary for children to require braces after undergoing Phase 1 Orthodontics, those who do require metal brackets and wires can find their treatment time reduced. It is also during this phase we can work to break non-nutritive habits that can lead to more serious bite problems in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions – Children’s Dentistry

Child giving kid's dentist a high five in treatment chair

From routine dental checkups to orthodontics, the above services are a few of the ways our children’s dentist can keep your favorite smile in tip-top shape throughout the years. If you have any specific questions on your mind or would simply prefer to speak directly with our team, then don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website or by phone. However, if you’d prefer to do your research online, keep reading for the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear from parents.

Are My Child’s Baby Teeth Important to Their Overall Health?

In short, the answer is yes. Although your child’s primary teeth (a.k.a. “baby” teeth) will eventually fall out to make room for their permanent set, they do play a crucial role in their health and development. In fact, neglecting to care for them can significantly impact your little one’s ability to smile confidently, chew pain-free, and speak clearly. So, make sure to help your child care for their teeth properly from the start by enforcing good oral hygiene.

Why Is It Important for a Child to See the Dentist at an Early Age?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, you should bring your child in for their first dental visit around their first birthday (or sooner if their teeth begin to emerge before then). Beginning their bi-yearly visits this young is essential. After all, children are extremely vulnerable to developing tooth decay due to their poor dental habits, like falling asleep while drinking milk and not thoroughly cleaning their back teeth when they brush. Fortunately, a kid’s dentist can provide recommendations on products to help, give advice on how to protect your child’s smile, and provide your little one with a thorough cleaning to prevent dental problems from developing in the future.

Does My Child Need X-Rays?

That depends! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends X-ray examinations on a bi-yearly basis because children’s mouths change so rapidly and the enamel on baby teeth is thinner (which allows cavities to develop quickly). Ultimately, however, the decision is up to you and your kid’s dentist.

What Should I Do If My Child Has a Toothache?

If your child has a toothache, ask if you can look inside their mouth. Keep an eye out for inflammation, redness, breakage, and debris, which could be the culprit. From there, get in touch with our team to schedule a professional exam. In the meantime, you can quell your child’s discomfort with at-home remedies, like rinsing with a mixture of salt and warm water or applying a safe numbing ointment. A cold compress and over-the-counter pain medicine can be helpful as well!

Should I Worry About Thumb Sucking?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, roughly 90% of newborns exhibit some form of thumb sucking within two hours after birth. Typically, this self-soothing behavior subsides between the ages of two and four. Unfortunately, this habit can cause serious dental problems, necessitating orthodontic treatment and even jaw surgery down the line. Therefore, it’s a good idea to seek advice from trusted experts on helping your child adopt healthier habits. If your child is sucking their thumb, don’t hesitate to speak with our team so we can share some helpful tips that have helped other patients!

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