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Emergency Pediatric Dentist – Cumming, GA

Fast Dental Care Right When You Need It

Any parent will tell you that children tend to be accident-prone, and unfortunately, sometimes these accidents can lead to dental injuries that cause quite a bit of pain. Whether your child is dealing with a chipped tooth or toothache, you can always call Village Pediatric Dentistry to get the emergency care they need. Our emergency pediatric dentists in Cumming, GA can handle every type of urgent dental situation you can imagine, and we’re more than happy to schedule same-day appointments so your child can get the relief they need without the wait!

Why Choose Village Pediatric Dentistry for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Little girl with healthy smile after emergency dentistry

It can be easy to panic when your child is experiencing a dental emergency, but we’re here to make a stressful situation much easier to manage! All you have to do is remember to give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll schedule your child for an appointment right away and let you know what you can do in the moment. Before you’re able to reach us, here are a few ways you can help your child feel better and give us the best chance of saving their tooth…

My Child Has a Toothache

Little girl with toothache holding cheek

Is there something stuck between their teeth? Try to remove it by gently flossing and having your child rinse their mouth. If this doesn’t help, go ahead and have them take an OTC medication. You might have seen online that placing aspirin directly on the gums can stop the pain as well, but DON’T do this, as it can damage their gums.

My Child Chipped/Broke a Permanent Tooth

Smile with chipped tooth

Try to pick up as many pieces of the tooth you can find, and place them in a safe container. Be sure to bring them when you come to see us. A clean rag or napkin and slight pressure can help stop any bleeding, and if there is swelling, apply a cold compress to your child’s cheek for 10-minutes at a time.

My Child Knocked Out a Baby Tooth

Child with knocked out tooth

Even though the baby teeth are destined to fall out anyway, if one is knocked out due to an accident, it’s still wise to come see us! We can evaluate your child to see if there is any damage to the surrounding teeth and gums, and if necessary, we may recommend that they get a space maintainer.

My Child Knocked-Out a Permanent Tooth

Preteen boy with knocked out tooth

Find the tooth, give it a gentle rinse, and have your child hold it under their tongue until you can see us. Ideally, you should make your way to our dental office within an hour or so of the accident to give us the best chance of replanting the tooth. If you’re afraid that your child might swallow it, you can also keep it in a container with milk or salt water to preserve it.

My Child Lost a Filling

Child with lost filling covering mouth

If you can find the filling, be sure to keep it with you and bring it when you come to see us. In the meantime, tell your child to avoid chewing near the tooth, and have them rinse frequently to remove any accumulated food/bacteria.

My Child has a Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip, or Cheek

Little girl with bitten cheek holding jaw

If your child has an oral laceration of any kind, be sure to apply pressure with a clean rag or napkin to make the bleeding stop. Once it does, bring them to our dental office, and we’ll be able to provide stitches. However, if the bleeding continues after 10-minutes, take your child directly to the emergency room before calling us.

How to Help Your Child Avoid Dental Emergencies

Teen boy placing sports mouthguard

A few simple habits will ensure that your child never has to make a sudden, unexpected trip to the dentist:

The Cost of Treating Your Child’s Dental Emergencies

Child receiving emergency dental exam

At Village Pediatric Dentistry, we never want finances to stand in the way of a child’s dental care, especially if they need emergency treatment! That’s why we’re happy to accept and maximize a wide variety of popular dental insurance plans, and we offer flexible financing as well. With us, you can trust that we’ll be able to help your child, and you won’t be stuck with a huge bill afterward!

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